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Posted by JizzyJazz - 1 month ago

yes, I am wasting my front page tick on this.

so if you're a fervent viewer of my news posts, you might remember my post from 3 months ago detailing my disdain for a particular roadblock that I was facing during my road to learning to play the guitar; the dreaded F chord. You can read all about it there.

I am happy to announce that I've since long buried the hatchet with the F chord. I've found a chord that's far easier to finger and sounds virtually indistinguishable from the real thing (for guitarists: I play x33211 instead of 112331. they both sound pretty much the same).

It's not all sunshine and butterflies yet though. I still have one roadblock ahead of me, one thorn in my buttcheek, and this one might be even more tricky than the F chord. I'm talking about this fucking thing:


THE B CHORD. (and the Bb chord. I couldn't find a good image for that one though.)

this particular chord exhibits similiarly shitty characteristics to those of the F chord, full barre on the second fret with the first finger, basic A shape two frets after the barre, plus a mute on the low E string with the tip of the first finger, because I guess whatever white devil came up with this chord decided that it wasn't tricky enough yet.

I was aware of this chord when I wrote my initial post on the F chord, but I decided it wasn't worth worrying about, since from my point of view at the time, this chord was quite rare, so I didn't really bother with it.

It's only recently that I've since widened my array of songs that I can play on the guitar using my newly mastered F chord. and I've discovered that the B and Bb chords are infact not as rare as I made them out to be. They're not as common as the F chord by any stretch, but they pop up on chord diagrams from time to time, and they frighten me.

I decided to get to work and figure this thing out. I looked into possible alternate fingerings for both chords, of which there are plenty, since it turns out plenty of amateur guitarists struggle with barre chords as much as I do.

So there's plenty of alternate ways of playing the chord that people have come up with and shared online, but the bad news is: none of them are accurate to the original at all. This means that in layman's terms, in order to play the B chord effectively, you gotta play the original, or you won't play it at all. If the F chord was Mussolini, then the B chord is Hitler. that's what i'm up against here. fuck.

TL;DR: don't put B chords in your songs or I'll come over to your house and punch all the lights in your house out. Do the right thing.


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Ahh the dreaded "F". I hear this complaint from probably 3/4 people I give lessons too. Just know you aren't alone soldier!